Outfit Post 12

Wearing: Print Floral Tube Maxi Dress, Silver Flats, and Wayfafer

I told you, no one can stop me from wearing maxis! I love love this dress! It's super comfy and god! look at those prints I LOOOOVE it!

Outfit Post 11

Wearing: Floral Print Blue Maxi Dress, Black Top, Blue Flats from SM Dept Store, Purse from People are People

I've been dreaming of wearing Maxi Dress because I know it doesn't look good on me since I'm short. But it still doesn't stop me from buying long dresses, for I know, one day, I'll gonna be wearing one of them. And there, I think I pulled it off... What do you think? :)

Outfit Post 10

Wearing: Purple One Shoulder Dress from bazaar and Studded pearl white booties from SM Dept Store

I love this outfit because I feel sexy on it. LOL Though I know I gain a lot of pounds now. Last weekend, I had a chance to step on the weighing scale again and I felt bad of what I learned. :( Now, I am weighing 100lbs. Prolly I need to buy a new running shoes, or hit the gym instead? BOOOHOO!

Outfit Post 09

Ready for work! The sun was up and I finally wore my romper at work! Cuteee!

Wearing: Polka Romper, Silver pumps from Janilyn and Wayfarer


Outfit Post 08

Me and my boyfie went malling with her pretty niece named, Myles. Here's my outfit for the day:

Wearing: Stripes red and white tube dress, wayfarer and scalloped-cut flats.
I was so happy when we reach SM Dept store. First I went to the skin care area and grabbed Elf (Cheek and Lip Tint) and Myra E Moisturizer.

Then, we headed to the shoe section. Gawd! I wanna buy all the stilletos and flats there! It feels like heaven when I saw the new styles! Unfortunately, it was hard for me to get tons of styles because most of them got no stock in size 5. :( So I was able to buy these babies:
Off White Booties with Studs from Parisian SM Dept Store

Chocolate Brown Strappy Wedges from Parisian SM Dept Store

R's happy with what he bought, actually it was on sale, so it was a sweet deal!

Sneakers from Umbro. Nice! Super nice in person. It's actually not expensive, thanks to SALE! hah!

And here's Myle's shoes, so cute!

Ahhhhh. I loveeeee SHOPPING!

Shop Shop Shop

Yesterday, I felt a lil sad and decided to shop instead to fulfill my lonesome. So here's my loots:

I bought 2 rompers, 4 dresses, and 2 flats. Sweet! :)

Polka Romper with Ruffles on Top, perfect for semi casual event

Purple Romper with Ruffles on top good for some coffee on Sundays

Red and White Tube Dress, perfect for malling

Royal blue Maxi Dress for the beach

Purple Dress perfect for an lovely date at night

Red orange one shoulder dress for a casual meeting on Mondays!

Happy pills for my feet :)

Floral Ruffled Sandals

Silver Cut-Out Scalloped Flats

Outfit Post 07

Wearing: Red Orange One Shoulder Dress, Clear/Brown Pumps from Mario d' Boro, necklace from kirin kirin, heart necklace

Wearing: Cut-out Scalloped Flats

I can't wear heels right now, so I opted to change into flats so it would be more comfortable for me to take the MRT going to work today!

Happy Friday 13th everyone! :) Have a blessed day!

Outfit Post 06

Wearing: random black spag strap, floral skirt from genevieve gozum, thrifted black cardi, silver pumps from janilyn, black belt

No, I'm not going to a wake, I'm not an emo either, I'm just going to work and I feel like wearing a black dress because I feel like I'm getting bigger and bigger! Hahaha!

Ukay Stuffs 02

Here's the second batch of my ukay finds. I think these all costs almost 700. Sweet deal right? :)


Meet Aiza

the snake... LOL

Some geeky stuff:
Python (as per Wikipedia) - Any member of the family Pythonidae (in general), the family to which the python genus belongs, a group of snakes found in Africa, Asia, Australia and a few islands in Oceania
R named her after me. How cool he is right? LOL I freaked out when I saw that eeewy creature living outside his crib one gloomy night. I shouted and eventually said GET RID OF THAT SH*T or I'll kill it myself! LOL. I got hysterical, literally! So, I thank one of his friends when he borrowed Aiza (the snake) and left it in the bar where they partied one time. Can you just imagine what happened to the place if anyone knew some snake is hanging around with them? Geez! What in the world!?

He amaze me for all the facts I've been learning from him. He's an animal lover. I super admire him with that. It's like hanging out with Kuya Kim everyday (Btw, kuya Kim, get well soon! (weh! close? haha)). He got plenty of stories to tell when it comes to animals, plants, actually anything that is living thing. But this one, I had to scream like hell! LOL I don't like some snake living in his house! For Pete's sake! I know! I'm super freakin' out! haha!

So yea, now, Aiza (the snake) is gone and I can peacefully hang out in his home with no worries at all. :) Thank good God! :)

Tokyo Sucks!

We were in a hurry to buy food in SM Bicutan one Saturday afternoon. We both don't know what to grab that time. There are few restaurants and fast food chains to choose from, we've tried almost every store there and found none of these are good to eat. I remember of eating in Tokyo Tokyo then. When was the last time I got to eat there? Well, it was ages! So I grabbed R and fell in line. R's been raving about Inasal's unlimited rice, and I suggest to get rid of chicken for a while because it makes me ichy. Tokyo on the other hand serves unlimited rice too! So there, he obliged.

Here's what we ordered:

Honey Chicken Teriyaki - P95
4pcs. Prawn Tempura - P169
Tokyo Bento: Pork Tonkatsu with Fuji Apple Sauce - P159

I tried a lot of Tokyo Tokyo branches, from down south to north. But this branch from SM Bicutan sucks to death! The food wasn't good at all. I think the Pork Tonkatsu was not fresh. I mean come on!? The meat wasn't tender and the taste? Eeek! Tokyo's famous side veggies which is togue surprisingly didn't taste the same as to what I've eaten from other branches! Also their rice wasn't as good and as white as the common rice Tokyo usually serve. OMG! To the manager of that store, you might want to check out this branch or you'll be surprise reading tons of bad reviews from the net. Goodluck!

Tokyo Tokyo SM Bicutan

Diamond Peel - Dermstrata SM Bicutan

I failed going to Forever Flawless to experience their Flawless Nano RF which I read from Phoebe's blog, instead, I went to Dermstrata for a diamond peel. It costs Php2700, but you can just pay a minimum of php1500 for the first session then Php1200 for the second session and free for the third one. How sweet is that? So yea, I paid for a visit. :)

Ready to pamper myself. YAY!

That's me, done with the facial and having my mask.
The facial was good. The minute ate's hand landed my face, I started snoozing like a baby. Felt the urge of waking up when she started pricking my nose. hee. I'm used to having this, so now the hurt wasn't my problem anymore. I just love pampering myself. This is what I call LIFE. RELAX. FEELING GOOD. :)

Someone got bored waiting for me to finish my kaartehan. That's R, trying on the regular footspa. Costs Php400

Nice one babe. You'll gonna be my SPA buddy from now on. hee.

R wanted to take home ate. He felt heaven especially on the massage part

Time for my DIAMOND PEEL. Yay!

Clean & PeeL
This treatment is to clean and remove dead skin cells. Package includes 3 sessions of Diamond Peel, deep-cleaning facial that's complete with laser, vacuum and mask, ending with a cold process to relax and tone the skin.

Dermstrata Skin Clinic & Spa
Address: LGF Building B SM Bicutan
Dona Soledad Ave.,
Brgy. Don Bosco Parañaque City 1700

Contact Number: (02) 824-0254

Finished the Diamond Peel earlier than R's footspa. I checked on him and see how is it going so far. He's having a good time, definitely! :)

Can't wait for next week's follow up Diamond peel! Yay! Well as for my face, it's getting better and softer now, especially when I added using the New Ponds Pure White Deep Cleansing Facial Foam and Olay Natural White for my moisturizer.
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