Plants Vs Zombies

Yes, I couldn't get my hands off my blog today! :D

Plants vs. Zombies? Who still doesn't know about this game? I didn't learn this from Facebook btw. Everyone's telling me it all started in FB Games. Oh well, I don't give a shit since I don't visit that site for playing maybe. I only stalk in there. Hah! So yea, I started playing this just this year, if I'm not mistaken early March. My classmates and friends were raving about pvz for the longest time so I was curious and tried it myself. The first time I played it, my eyes couldn't take off my laptop LOL. I play all night long and became addicted to it until I finished all the Adventures, now I'm still on it and trying to score in the endless survival stage. Would you like to take a peak of where I am now in that stage? Here, have a glance!

Look at those GIGA-GARGANTAURS? Wtf! They're starting to mess with my lawn! Haha! Look, I already completed 39 Flags, see how much sun I got - 9990. when you reach that point, it won't increase anymore even you keep on clicking the sun. The limit is just like that.

43 Flags completed but see all my gloom-shrooms were gone and all my pumpkins are dying as well. LOL Look how many suns do I got from this stage-5465- BOO!

Fine, I'm totally dead here! LOL with 2440 sun.

BOOHOO! But I'm actually proud of reaching 43 flags without cheating, my cousins got to cheat on the sun, I don't need that losers! LOL

Now I need to start all over again! BOOO!

Here's my Zen Garden
Yea I know I'm such a rookie haha

Mushroom Garden

Aquarium Garden

I super love plants vs zombies! Are you guys playing this game as well?

Outfit Post 02

Wearing: Pin Stripes Dress, Gap Top (inside shirt), pearl white wedges, cream tote bag (bought online)

Fine! Stop laughing out your ass with my scarf in my head! LOL me too had the best laugh early this morning! I grabbed my sister outside and ask her to take a photo of me, then all the while she didn't stop laughing because she thougt the scarf looks weird on me! hahaha! Well, what can I say? I am just trying to immitate Bestie of Capriciousclub. Remember her trademark scarf? Gawd! that's really lovely that I want it on my head, so there! LOL I know it sucks haha but there, I posted it still.


Outfit Post 01

Okay, since I promise myself to find time updating this blog, will try to have a category entry for my everyday outfit (I will entitle the post as Outfit Post #). (God help me in doing this! haha) I've been trying this for the longest time, but yea, I always fail to update. Hee.

So here's my outfit yesterday.

Wearing: Black and Pink Stripes H&M top, Brown high-waisted skirt, Gladiator shoes from Leaveland and bronze necklace

Chictopia 101

I am not new in Chictopia.com but yeah I have no time updating it as much as I want to because the time doesn't permit me so.. So I'd like to show you all my outfits posted in my Chictopia Blog.


Wearing: white polka dot black and white silk dress, black belt, and black gladiator shoes from Leaveland

Wearing: green colorful flower print pattern blazer, green spag strap, blue random brand shorts

Wearing: black blazer (bought online), black and white stripes H&M top, grey faded skinny jeans from Guess, black strappy shoes from bazaar, silver necklace (gift from friend random brand), brown heart shaped random brand accessories

Wearing: black thrifted cardigan, white random brand shirt, grey cheetah leggings from bazaar, white bootie shoes from bazaar, pink Aldo bag, Rayban shades

Wearing: black and white stripes bolero jacket, black sleeveless top from Topshop, blue faded jeans, floral bootie shoes from bazaar

Wearing: random brand brown tube top, ripped shorts from bazaar, Juicy Couture bracelet, Anne Klein sunglasses, (another Rayban shades, I changed shades in the 2nd and 3rd photo lol) Chanel purse

Wearing: royal blue tube dress, silver pumps from Janilyn, wayfarer, Chanel earings, bronze Aldo purse

Wearing: multi-colored stripes blouse, black and red floral pattern skirt, stripes red and white with ribbon shoes

Wearing: white bolero cardigan, brown flower print pattern top, grey high-waisted shorts, black & pink stripes pointed zebra pumps from Celine, xoxo bag

Wearing: Black and White Flower Pattern tube dress, black belt, black booties, white necklace

Wearing: Flower pattern tube dress, black booties, wayfarer shades

H&M Tan Top, Black blazer (bought online), Jag ripped shirts, apple green scarf, brown Mario d' Boro shoes

Wearing: Red tube dress, black booties, black clutch

Wearing: Plaid boyfriend shirt, randon shorts, red stilletos from Leaveland

Wearing: Patterned tube top, faded jeans, brown pumps

Wearing: White random top, grey slacks, red belt, black gladiator shoes

Wearing: pink polo shirt, pin stripes shorts, pearl white wedge, gold necklace

Wearing: Plaid halter top, black tights, brown pumps

Wearing: Silver glittering dress, Stripes spag strap top, Gucci belt, Yellow pumps

Wearing: Vintage pin stripes high-waist skirt, vintage tube top, black bolero, Gucci belt, strappy Shoes

Wearing: White tube dress, pin stripes shorts, red pumps, bronze necklace
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